Xbox Receives Latest Update for Palworld

Key Points: – Palworld has recently released an update tailored for Xbox and Microsoft Store PC users, aiming to resolve issues impacting game stability.
– The Xbox edition of Palworld is currently plagued by technical glitches, experiencing more frequent crashes compared to its Steam counterpart.
– Pocketpair, the developer of Palworld, is actively addressing major issues and is committed to prioritizing overall game enhancements.


Palworld, the popular open-world survival game, has rolled out a targeted update for Xbox and Microsoft Store PC platforms, addressing persistent issues affecting game stability. Developer Pocketpair, known for its proactive approach since the game’s early access launch, continues to release updates to enhance the Palworld experience.

As is typical with early access titles, Palworld exhibits some imperfections that require attention before achieving the expected quality of a 1.0 release. Notably, the Xbox version faces technical challenges, including more frequent crashes compared to its Steam counterpart. While it remains unclear if the latest update specifically addresses this issue, players can anticipate a smoother gameplay experience after applying the patch.

The recently released Palworld update, available for download on Xbox, comes with concise patch notes highlighting fixes for issues impacting game stability. Users on Xbox Game Pass are encouraged to download the update to assess whether their specific concerns have been addressed. Pocketpair assures players that it will persist in prioritizing the resolution of major game issues.

One notable challenge in Palworld involves a bug where Pals fail to attack or contribute in a meaningful way. While restarting the game may temporarily resolve the issue, it remains an imperfect solution. The bug, particularly prevalent in boss fights, can render certain encounters nearly unbeatable. The community eagerly anticipates a prompt resolution to this problem.

The Xbox version of Palworld currently lags behind its Steam release, featuring distinctions such as the absence of dedicated servers and a cap on the total number of players per world (4 on Xbox versus 32 on Steam). However, upcoming updates are expected to bridge these gaps, bringing the Xbox version closer to its Steam counterpart.

Excitingly, Palworld’s content roadmap promises substantial updates, including PvP, raids, and more. The game has achieved considerable success in sales, and with Pocketpair’s commitment to regular updates, there’s optimism that Palworld will sustain its momentum in the gaming landscape.

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