Understanding Putin’s Brutality Doesn’t Require an Interview – Update on the War in Ukraine as of February 7th

Headlines Recap:

1. White House Condemns Right-Wing Figure’s Putin Interview
2. Zelensky Thanks EU Diplomat for Support, Urges Faster Ammo Supply
3. US House Delays Ukraine Aid Package; Senate to Retry Thursday
4. Russians Advance in Donetsk; Both Sides Gain Along Dnipro River
5. Kremlin Grants Putin Interview to Trump Ally Tucker Carlson

The White House expressed displeasure over right-wing personality Tucker Carlson’s upcoming interview with Russian President Putin, criticizing the move as providing a platform for propaganda. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky thanked EU diplomat Borrell for the promise of artillery shell supplies. The US House deferred a Ukraine aid package, with the Senate planning a new attempt. Russian advances in Donetsk and movements along the Dnipro River were reported. The Kremlin granted an interview to Carlson despite various journalists seeking access. Other topics include Ukraine urging the EU for faster artillery shell supplies and political maneuvers in the US Congress regarding aid packages.

EU’s Commitment to Supply Artillery Shells:

President Zelensky expressed gratitude to EU High Representative Josep Borrell for the European Union’s pledge to send over a million artillery rounds to Kyiv. Borrell reiterated the EU’s support during his visit to Ukraine, specifying the increased capacity of the bloc’s defense industry as the reason for the larger-than-expected ammunition supply.

US Congress and Ukraine Aid Package:

US House Republicans rejected a $118 billion foreign aid and border reform package, influenced by former President Trump’s stance. This led to a standoff in the Senate, eventually resolved by scheduling a new vote focusing on $95 billion in aid, mainly for Ukraine and Israel. Democrats advocated for President Biden’s $60 billion proposal for Kyiv, while Republicans initially insisted on tying it to border reform.

Military Operations Updates:

In Donetsk, the Institute for the Study of War reported Russian forces making confirmed advances west and southwest of the city. Geolocated footage indicated progress in Heorhiivka, near Donetsk City, and eastern Novomykhailivka. Along the Dnipro River, both Ukrainian and Russian forces confirmed advances in the Kherson region, with Ukrainian forces making gains in eastern Krynky.

The ongoing developments underscore the complex geopolitical dynamics and military actions amid the conflict in Ukraine.

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