Enhancing Energy Efficiency: India’s Smart Metering Program

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The Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) is India’s smart metering initiative. In the next decade, this ambitious smart metering program will install 250 million smart meters nationwide to improve energy efficiency and Smart system inefficiencies. Smart meters may optimize energy use and change power distribution, and the $30 billion program understands this.

Genus Power Infrastructures’ Funding Milestone

The leading Indian smart meter producer, Genus Power Infrastructures, received $49.5 million in finance. This shows the company’s importance and global backing for India’s smart metering efforts. US-based IDFC provides money. Jitendra Kumar Agarwal, Genus Power Infrastructures’ Joint Managing Director, said the company would use the cash to enhance its manufacturing capabilities, notably in smart meters.

IDFC partnership

Genus Power Infrastructures and IDFC’s partnership accelerates India’s smart meter implementation. The IDFC has loaned $49.5 million to install smart meters nationwide. This partnership is crucial for energy security, grid optimization, and operational efficiency. The Genus electricity Infrastructures can continue its aspirations to modernize India’s electricity infrastructure with the cash.

Genus’ Market Leadership

Genus Power Infrastructures is India’s power metering standard. The smart meter leader has 27% market share. Genus Power Infrastructures is also an AMISP. This boosts production and market visibility. The RDSS program recognizes the need to solve technical and economic losses, which average 15% for major Indian utilities. The RDSS funds smart metering to improve operational efficiency and boost DISCOM profits.

High Production and Market Dominance

Genus Power Infrastructures has cutting-edge factories in Jaipur, Haridwar, and Guwahati. These advanced facilities install nearly 10 million smart meters annually. Such impressive production capabilities make the organization a leading smart metering solution provider. Genus Power Infrastructures’ AMISP dominance reinforces its smart metering industry domination.

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