Silent Hill: The Brief Message is now accessible for free on PS5, with the unveiling of a new trailer for the Silent Hill 2 remake

Today, the Konami team is excited to announce Silent Hill updates unveiled during State of Play. Fans can now dive into a new Silent Hill game, and we offer a fresh glimpse into the highly anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake.

Development and Release of Silent Hill: The Short Message
Silent Hill: The Short Message, a brief and innovative addition to the Silent Hill series, stars a contemporary young protagonist. Following our 2022 announcement of a Silent Hill series revival and multiple titles in the works, this marks the inaugural release from the new wave of games. We are thrilled to present this surprise release today.

The entire game is available for free, providing an opportunity for those unfamiliar with Silent Hill to experience its essence.

The genesis of this project was experimental, allowing our team to explore different elements, refine our horror game expertise, and involve passionate individuals new to their careers. Collaborating with the experienced developers at Hexadrive, we aimed to make this experimental title accessible to a broad audience by releasing it for free.

A Message for a Generation in Turmoil
Our goal was to create a modern Silent Hill, incorporating contemporary issues. We delved into the realm of online and mobile communication among today’s youth for our psychological horror narrative. The storyline reflects the unsettling nature of social media, where seemingly insignificant comments can snowball into overwhelming waves of hate.

The narrative revolves around young characters grappling with complex challenges, isolation, online abuse, bullying, and societal alienation. By highlighting their struggles and resilience, we aim to send a message of empathy to those facing similar conflicts and pressures.

We invite you to experience Silent Hill: The Short Message and immerse yourself in Konami’s vision of a contemporary Silent Hill.

New Silent Hill 2 Remake Footage Revealed
For those eagerly awaiting updates on the Silent Hill 2 remake, we’re delighted to share our latest trailer featuring brand-new game footage. Stay tuned for more details on the remake as we continue to unveil exciting developments!

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