Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated Cover Makes History

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In a groundbreaking moment, Martha Stewart’s, the renowned television personality and cook, has made history as Sports Illustrated’s oldest-ever cover model. At the age of 81, Stewart joins three other powerful women on the cover of the magazine’s annual swimsuit edition. This year’s issue aims to celebrate women who live without limitations, both internally and externally. Alongside Stewart, the cover features actor Megan Fox, model Brooks Nader, and musician Kim Petras.

Martha Stewart’s Reaction to the Cover

When Stewart first heard the news of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, she expressed her excitement and surprise. Reflecting on this achievement, she mentioned, “I thought, ‘Oh, well, that’s pretty good.’ I’m gonna be the oldest person, I think, ever on the cover of Sports Illustrated.” Age is not a significant concern for Stewart, but she recognized the historic nature of the opportunity and aimed to look her best.

The Photoshoot and Snoop Dogg’s Approval

Stewart’s cover shoot took place in the picturesque Dominican Republic, with photographer Ruven Afanador capturing her timeless beauty. When asked about what her friend and frequent collaborator, Snoop Dogg, would think of the cover, Stewart humorously replied, “Snoop is going to just think that it is fantastic.” This lighthearted remark highlights the supportive relationship between Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

Breaking Maye Musk’s Record

By gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, Martha Stewart has surpassed the previous record set by Maye Musk, the model and mother of Elon Musk. Maye Musk posed for the magazine at the age of 74 in 2022. Stewart’s motto in life has always been to embrace change continually. She saw this opportunity as a chance to challenge herself, regardless of her age or existing accomplishments.

Inspiring Others through Social Media

Taking to Instagram, Stewart shared her thoughts on the cover and encouraged her followers to explore new opportunities. She wrote, “I hope this cover inspires you to challenge yourself to try new things, no matter what stage of life you are in.” Stewart’s inspirational message resonates with individuals across various age groups and encourages them to step out of their comfort zones.

Martha Stewart’s Influential Career

Dubbed the “OG of influencers” by Sports Illustrated, Martha Stewart’s rise to fame began in the 1980s. She gained recognition as a chef, writing cookbooks, and making appearances on television. Since then, Stewart has authored an impressive 99 books, hosted multiple successful cooking shows, launched her own lifestyle magazine, and introduced various lines of clothing, cooking essentials, and home products. Her entrepreneurial spirit and diverse ventures have solidified her place as a cultural icon.

Sports Illustrated’s Praise for Martha Stewart

MJ Day, the editor-in-chief of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, admires Stewart’s resilience and ability to adapt to changing times. Day describes Stewart as someone who has never let circumstances dictate her outcomes, always staying one step ahead. Stewart’s continuous reinvention and the establishment of a far-reaching business empire have contributed to her ongoing success.

Kim Petras: Breaking Boundaries

In addition to Martha Stewart’s historic achievement, the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover marks another significant milestone. Kim Petras, a musician, becomes the second transgender woman to grace the cover, following Leyna Bloom in 2021. Petras emphasizes that life’s essence lies in an individual’s choices and inner qualities, irrespective of gender or sexuality. Her presence represents the magazine’s commitment to inclusivity and self-acceptance.

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