The Kerala Story : amazing performance earns Rs. 100 crore.

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Since its premiere, Sudipto Sen’s Kerala Story, starring Adah Sharma, has made news. The film became the fourth 2023 film to reach Rs. 100 crore nett despite various controversy. Sumit Kadel, a film critic, tweeted that the film made Rs. 16-17 crore on its ninth day, totaling Rs. 107 crore. West Bengal and Tamil Nadu have banned the film, which the Producers Guild of India strongly opposes.

The Kerala Story’s Success

The Kerala Story grossed Rs. 100 crore nett in nine days. It’s the fourth 2023 picture to do this. Adah Sharma’s outstanding performance and the film’s captivating storyline contributed to its success.

Film controversy

The Kerala Story has faced controversy since its release, despite its success. West Bengal and Tamil Nadu banned the film for hurting religious sensibilities and fostering communal discord. The film’s director, Sudipto Sen, denies these claims and says it is based on real events and does not seek to damage anyone.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister attends special screening

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath attended a special screening of The Kerala Story at Lok Bhawan in Lucknow. He and his state cabinet colleagues enjoyed the film’s story and acting. This supported the picture, which has been banned in other jurisdictions.

Producers Guild of India opposes state-imposed bans.

The Producers Guild of India strongly opposed state-enforced prohibitions on The Kerala Story in a statement. They stressed that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) regulates film releases, and any film that meets this statutory criterion should have no trouble letting the paying audience decide its fate. The Guild’s declaration followed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s prohibition on the film “to avoid any incident of hatred and violence.”

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