Google’s Pledge to ‘Make In India’ for Local Manufacturing

Discover Google's commitment to 'Make In India' as they plan local manufacturing, aligning with India's digital revolution.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, made a groundbreaking announcement this week: Google will produce Pixel smartphones locally in India beginning 2024, marking their commitment to becoming trusted partners for India’s digital growth while supporting “Make In India”. Let’s delve further into this significant event and assess how it compares with strategies employed by other global tech giants like Apple.

Google’s Pledge to “Make In India

Google Pledge to “Make In India” Sundar Pichai recently took to GoogleForIndia as a forum to announce his company’s pledge to contribute to India’s digital revolution and to fulfill their “Make In India” vision by producing Pixel smartphones locally. This announcement signified Google’s dedication and contribution towards India becoming a tech hub.

Following Apple’s Example

Google’s decision to manufacture in India mirrors Apple’s successful approach of local production with their expanding network of suppliers across India – Apple produced over $7 billion worth of goods here between fiscal years ending March 2023-2024 alone! Google hopes to replicate Apple’s success while taking advantage of India’s vast potential.

Samsung Electronics Co.

Another company which has found success in India is South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. This South Korean tech titan produces their Galaxy handsets here, further emphasizing India as an attractive manufacturing location for global tech firms.

Chinese Tech Companies and Local Partnerships

China-based Android vendors such as Xiaomi have recognized India’s vast manufacturing potential. Partnering with local assemblers has greatly bolstered India’s tech manufacturing ecosystem.

Indian Government’s Initiatives

India’s Technology Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, met with Sundar Pichai of Google at their California HQ for talks related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative and support provided for technological advances by their government. Their discussions showcased its dedication towards local manufacturing.

India as a Mobile Manufacturing Hub

In a recent report by Counterpoint Research, India was revealed as the second-largest mobile phone manufacturing hub worldwide due to investments from original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and companies specialising in components and parts.

India’s Mobile Phone Exports

India’s Mobile Phone Exports According to Counterpoint Research estimates, it will export approximately 22 percent of all assembled mobile phones by 2023. Indeed, from April through August of FY24 alone, Indian exports totalled an eye-watering $5.5 billion (over Rs 45,000 crore).

Apple’s Predominance

Within this manufacturing revolution, Apple has emerged as an influential force, taking more than 50% market share by FY24 and showing the positive effect that global tech giants like themselves embracing local manufacturing has had.

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