Golden Globes 2024 Winners: Oppenheimer, Poor Things, and Top Moments

What’s Golden Globes 2024?

The Golden Globes 2024 is like the mega party where movies and TV shows get shiny awards. Imagine a red carpet full of famous faces, fancy dresses, and snazzy suits – that’s the Golden Globes!

Now, why are they a big deal? Well, it’s like a huge thumbs-up to the best movies and TV shows. Think of it as a giant celebration where everyone in the entertainment world gathers to cheer for their favorites.

What’s cool is that the Golden Globes 2024 split the awards into two groups: serious stuff (drama) and the fun stuff (comedy or musical). So, it’s not just about the best tear-jerkers, but also the movies and shows that make us laugh and tap our feet.

And guess what? This time around, Oppenheimer and Poor Things were the rock stars of the show, winning the top movie awards. It’s like saying, “Hey, you were awesome this year!

But it’s not just about movies – TV shows get love too. Succession and The Bear were the champions in the TV world, taking home the big prizes.

So, the Golden Globes 2024 is like the ultimate high-five to all the incredible work in entertainment. It’s a night of glitz, glamour. Cheers to movie magic and TV wonders at the Golden Globes!

Golden Globes 2024 Highlights:

  • Best Motion Picture – Drama: Oppenheimer
  • Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy: Poor Things
  • Best Motion Picture – Animated: The Boy and the Heron
  • Best Cinematic and Box Office Achievement: Barbie
  • Best Director – Motion Picture: Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer
  • Best Original Song – Motion Picture: “What Was I Made For?” from Barbie – Billie Eilish O’Connell, Finneas O’Connell
  • Best Original Score – Motion Picture: Ludwig Göransson for Oppenheimer
  • Best Screenplay – Motion Picture: Anatomy of a Fall – Justine Triet, Arthur Harari

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