‘Empowering Rural Women: The Impact of PepsiCo Egypt’s Initiative on Nourishing the World’

In the verdant fields of Beni Suef, a tale of empowerment and agricultural triumph is unfolding. In a heartening celebration, PepsiCo Egypt marked the successful completion of the fourth harvest season for its potato crop, a pivotal component of the “She Feeds the World” program. Initiated in 2020, this endeavor, supported by the PepsiCo Foundation—PepsiCo Egypt’s philanthropic arm—in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and CARE Egypt Foundation, has evolved into a symbol of hope and progress. The primary objective of the program is to uplift and empower 10,000 female farmers in the governorates of Beheira, Giza, Minya, and Beni Suef, positively impacting the lives of 390,000 individuals. Aligned with pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) and Egypt 2030 Vision, the program focuses on promoting self-sufficiency and economic empowerment for rural women in agriculture, concurrently improving living conditions and nurturing rural communities. The women farmers, the true protagonists of this narrative, have triumphed over various challenges to emerge as entrepreneurs, mastering the entire agricultural cycle from acquiring seeds to cultivation and sales. Their success stories, shared during the celebratory event, transcend beyond the production of high-quality potatoes for suppliers like Chipsy Egypt; they reflect personal and professional growth fostered by the initiative. As PepsiCo Egypt commits to providing ongoing support and development for the program, the tales of these resilient women stand as beacons of inspiration and a call to action for sustained empowerment and progress in the agricultural sector. The “She Feeds the World” program transcends being a mere initiative; it is a movement—a story of empowerment, growth, and sustainability that is reshaping the agricultural landscape of Egypt.

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