Crypto Business: Outcome of Coinbase vs. SEC Case to Shape the Destiny of Crypto Tokens

Crypto Business: Outcome of Coinbase vs. SEC Case to Shape the Destiny of Crypto Tokens

The ongoing legal clash between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Coinbase holds significant implications for numerous crypto tokens in the United States.

Coinbase and the SEC recently presented their arguments in court on January 17, where the decision of Judge Katherine Polk Failla to dismiss or proceed with the case is pending.

This SEC-initiated case, launched in June 2023 against Coinbase, is a major legal battle within the crypto space, involving the classification of 13 tokens. The outcome of this case hinges on whether these tokens should be considered securities.

During the court hearing, Judge Failla demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the crypto industry, probing SEC attorneys on the rationale for classifying the tokens as securities and when such categorization is appropriate.

Coinbase’s legal representation countered the SEC’s assertions, challenging the labeling of networks and crypto communities as “common enterprise” and rejecting comparisons of crypto tokens to stocks. Coinbase argued that token purchases on the secondary market lack the rights associated with stock transactions.

The ultimate decision to proceed with the case or grant Coinbase’s motion for dismissal rests with Judge Failla. Notably, she has a history of dismissing crypto cases, having granted a motion to dismiss a case against Uniswap in 2013 for allegedly selling “scam tokens.”

Judge Failla is aware that her decision will have far-reaching consequences across the industry. During the hearing, she expressed concerns about limiting the SEC’s authority in overseeing the crypto space and apprehensions regarding classifying a new technology without regulatory clarity from Congress.

This week’s Crypto Biz also covers other developments, including VanEck’s decision to delist its Bitcoin Strategy ETF, the IRS stepping back on crypto tax rules for transactions over $10,000, the outstanding performance of Bitcoin ETFs in terms of volume, and Core Scientific’s exit from bankruptcy with plans to relist its shares on Nasdaq.

– VanEck intends to delist its Bitcoin Strategy ETF due to performance and investor interest concerns.
– The IRS has stepped back from enforcing reporting on cryptocurrency transactions above $10,000 until a regulatory framework is released.
– Bitcoin ETFs have surpassed the daily volume of all 500 ETFs launched in 2023 combined.
– Core Scientific, a Bitcoin miner, has received court approval to exit bankruptcy and plans to relist its shares on Nasdaq in the coming days, concluding a 13-month restructuring process. Existing shareholders will retain approximately 60% of the company’s shares under the Chapter 11 plan.

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