Climb the Ranks in Fortnite: Competitive Play Now Available

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Popular battle royale game Fortnite from Epic Games regularly receives improvements to its competitive matchmaking system. Epic Games has announced that ranked play will be available in all game modes, following in the footsteps of last year’s wildly successful “Zero Build” mode. As we explore Fortnite’s new competitive ranked play system, we’ll talk about its availability, rating criteria, potential for expansion, and exciting rewards.

The Initial Year of Playing Season

Players can join Season 0 of competitive play after downloading and installing update v24.40 for Fortnite. This season, players will be able to choose between the standard Battle Royale mode and the new Zero Build mode. Season Zero will last until the end of Chapter 4 Season 3, giving time to address any difficulties, concerns, or make any necessary improvements before the formal start of ranked play in succeeding seasons.

Structures and Arrangements

Various game modes in Fortnite will support ranked play. In the game’s default Battle Royale mode, players can compete in ranked battles as soloists, duos, or teams. During Season Zero, however, duos are the only legal team composition for ranked play in Zero Build. Furthermore, participants can rise through the ranks in one medium without fear of jeopardizing their place in another.

Standards for Ranking

When deciding where to place a player in the rankings, we’ll take many different things into account. First and foremost, a player’s starting position in the competition is crucial. A higher finish means a higher rank, whereas a poorer finish could see you drop in the rankings. In addition, we will take into account the total number of player eliminations as well as the total number of team eliminations. The importance of strategic decisions and skill rises as the match progresses, and eliminations later in the play will carry more weight than those earlier in the match. Players that are able to defeat and eliminate opponents of higher rankings will gain more points in the overall ranking system.

In team-based modes, a group’s overall performance is determined on the performance of its highest-ranked player. A Gold 1 team would consist of one player with that rank, two players with that rank in Silver, and one player with that rank in Bronze.

Promotion in Status

Everyone will start out in the Bronze division of the rankings. From then, they will advance through the tiers, beginning at Silver and ending at Unreal. With three tiers between Bronze and Diamond, players can easily track their progress and recognize significant milestones along the way. There will be one top tier for each of the three best players (Elite, Champion, and Unreal).

Those that put in the time and effort to reach Unreal will remain there for the remainder of the season. Each Unreal level player, however, will receive a global ranking in an effort to boost competitiveness. You can see where you stand against the world’s finest Fortnite players on the official Unreal leaderboard. If you don’t want your name displayed publicly, you may change this setting in the settings menu.

Rank-Based Cosmetic Rewards for Urgent Quests

With the addition of Ranked Urgent Quests, competitive players will have a new way to acquire unique cosmetic rewards. Players will face unique challenges throughout multiple quests in a single experience. Players that take on and finish these tests will unlock deluxe in-game adornments to further enhance their character.

As a grand finale to Ranked Season Zero, players will receive the Burn Bright emote as their reward.


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