Charts Show High Sales Volume for CryptoPunks – Latest NFT News Today – January 23

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has experienced a 12.5% increase in the last 24 hours, reaching a total value of $39,251,556.

Both buyers and sellers have seen a rise of approximately 2%, while transactions have decreased by 10%.

In the top 10 collections based on sales volume, CryptoPunks has claimed the spotlight, securing the first position with over $3.5 million. The second-ranking Ordinals has seen an impressive 101% surge to $2,175,912, as reported by CryptoSlam.

Despite Ordinals’ significant growth, the day’s top performers are Magic Ticket: Normie, experiencing a remarkable 690% increase to $620,961, along with GBTS BRC-20 NFTs and Doodles, rising by 567% and 392%, respectively.

In contrast, Froganas and Gas Heroes Common Heroes have garnered attention in NFT news for a decline, dropping by 6% and 3%, respectively.

Today’s NFT news highlights the introduction of the Non-Fungible DAO, backed by Magic Eden, positioning itself as a community-owned, decentralized organization. The DAO aims to develop and promote protocols driving the future of NFT commerce, emphasizing the potential for widespread NFT adoption in daily interactions worldwide.

The Non-Fungible DAO oversees open-source technologies for NFTs across major chains, utilizing smart contracts initially developed by the Magic Eden marketplace on Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. Magic Eden has committed to open-sourcing and contributing its trading and minting protocols to the DAO, marking a significant development in the NFT space.

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