“Challenging in the contemporary world”: Putin praises India’s autonomous foreign policy led by PM Modi.

Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged with university students to mark ‘Russian Student Day,’ commending India’s foreign policy and economic advancements under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Speaking during the interaction in Russia’s Kaliningrad region on ‘Russian Student Day,’ Putin highlighted India’s substantial economic progress under PM Modi’s leadership.

According to a translation by Russia Today (RT), Putin stated, “India has one of the highest rates of economic development and growth in the world, and that too is due to the leadership qualities of the incumbent Prime Minister. It was during his leadership that India reached such a pace.”

Putin emphasized India’s pursuit of an independent foreign policy, acknowledging the challenges in today’s global landscape. He praised Modi for realizing India’s right to an independent foreign policy with a population of 1.5 billion, emphasizing its importance in forecasting the actions of partners in the medium and long terms.

“India is pursuing an independent foreign policy, which is not easy in today’s world. But, India with a population of 1.5 billion has the right to do so. And under the leadership of the Prime Minister, that right is being realized. This is not just a statement; it is important from the point of organizing joint work because it gives us the opportunity to forecast the actions of our partners in the medium and long terms,” Putin remarked.

He highlighted India’s ‘Make in India’ policy and reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to assisting the country. Putin mentioned significant financial investments made by a Russian company in India, citing a USD 23 billion investment by Rosneft in an oil refinery, a network of gas stations, a port, and more.

“India has made huge steps in development, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His campaign ‘Make in India’ has been heard by many, including Russia. And we are trying with our Indian friends to bring to life all these plans…the largest foreign investment in India has come from Russia. USD 23 billion was invested by our company Rosneft, acquisition of an oil refinery, a network of gas stations, a port and so on,” Putin stated during the interaction.

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